Wooden Barrel Spigot Taps | Maker | Wholesale | Supply for US, Canada, Mexico

Supply of Wooden Barrel Spigot Taps, Tapered Spouts for Wooden Barrels, Wine Kegs & Whiskey Casks

WineTapSupplies.Com supplies the US, Canadian and Mexican market with an ever increasing variety of:

Spigot taps in brass, metal, wood and stainless steel for wooden barrels, wine kegs and whiskey casks;

Small dispensing taps in metal, brass and stainless steel for infusion jars, glass bottles, perfume dispensers and ceramic pottery;

Stainless steel taps and faucets for wine, whiskey and spirits distilling tanks, sampling valves and vinegar and olive oil making and dispensing containers;

Various tapered fitting in stainless steel and ABS plastic for wooden barrel, keg and cask installation and applications.

We supply the above food grade tapered taps, spigot taps, wine tank and container faucets, sampling spigots and beverage dispensing faucets at whole sale prices and volumes to US, Canada, Mexico and internationally based cooperage, barrel makers, distillers, pottery makers and resellers.

We invite you to browse our website and should you consider fitting any of the displayed dispensing taps and spouts to your wooden barrels or containers or plan to re sell them kindly contact us with your requirement and tentative volumes and we will be back to you ASAPwith a quote and shipping costs and options.

Sample, Trade, Reseller and Non Trade Orders: Our brass and stainless steel spigot spouts and tapered taps are usually in stock and can be purchased in single, small or larger quantities and can be supplied to the USA, Canada, Mexico and internationally. Should a spigot tap not be in stock in the required numbers we would require 3-6 weeks to have them made but this timeframe can vary from one fitting to another.

For Pricing, Stock Availability or Questions about our: Wooden Barrel Spigot Taps for Oak Barrels, Whiskey Casks and Wine Kegs: Kindly contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited by E-Mail at info@winetaps.eu