Metal Tap for Oak Barrels & Stainless Steel Wine Tank Taps

Metal Taps for Wooden Barrels, Bottles & Wine Tanks For Sale & Wholesale

Searching for a tapered wooden barrel tap, a wine sampling valve or a beverage metal tap ? Require a metal tap for a glass jar, a large brass tap for a wine barrel or a stainless steel tap for a wine tank ?At WineTapSupplies.Com we stock dispensing spouts and spigots in wood, metal, brass and stainless steel for wooden barrels and oak casks, wine tanks, glass bottles, pottery jars and ceramic containers.

These foodgrade wine sampling valves and beverage dispensing spigots can be used for wine fermentation, whiskey distillation, wine, vinegar and distillates dispensing, beer and kombucha tea brewing and olive oil, essential oil, perfume and infused water serving.

small wooden barrel taps with brass rings

Our wooden, metal and plastic taps, spigots and faucets come in three main threads;

  • tapered taps that are meant for oak barrels, wooden kegs, casks and vats installation;
  • male threaded taps for stainless steel tanks and containers that can have a back nut fitted;
  • small metal spouts and push button beverage taps with expandable washers for easy fitting from the outside into apothecary glass jars, bottles and cruets.
glass bottle with small tap
Small oak barrels with metal dispenser tap
small oak barrel with brass tap

WineTapSupplies.Com also stocks matching brass and stainless steel back nuts, washers and tapered adapters compatible with any BSP male threaded tap, spout or faucet to facilitate an easy fitting into wooden barrel, keg or cask.

We do supply any private, wholesaler or commercial customer internationally in single, multiple or larger quantity.

Apothecary Taps in Brass & Stainless Steel Spouts for Infused Water Glass Jars

Most of the below glass jar taps can be fitted from the outside with ease and can be used for food grade applications such as wine, spirits, olive oil and water dispensing and can also be fitted to essential oil and perfume bottles.

Small brass taps for glass jars and spouts for pottery and ceramic dispensers.

Small stainless steel taps for infused water jars and wine dispensing.

Chrome plated brass metal taps for wine, coffee and distillate dispensing

Press button taps and valves for olive oil dispensing and perfume dispensing.

Tapered Brass Spouts for Small Barrels & Stainless Steel Taps for Wooden Barrels

Tapered taps and wooden barrel spigots are taper threaded and can be fitted into any wooden barrel, keg and cask with ease. These tapered barrel taps are available in food grade metal and come in a variety of models and sizes for wine, spirits and other beverages.

Small tapered brass taps for wooden barrels and medium sized spigot taps.

Large spigot taps for whiskey barrels and distillate making kegs in brass.

Metal taps for small barrels and larger oak barrels for wine and liquor ageing.

Small stainless steel taps for wine barrels, wooden kegs and whiskey casks.

Stainless Steel Taps for Wine Barrels and Ball Valve Taps for Winery Tanks

We supply winery grade tapered stainless steel taps for wooden barrels and casks and male threaded sampling spouts for wine tanks, breweris and distilleries in various sizes and most of these taps are ball valve operated and are very durable.

Large stainless steel taps for wine barrels and spigot wine sampling valves for wooden kegs for wine, distillates, liquor, kombucha, cider and beverage making.

Male stainless steel taps and wine sampling valves for small containers and larger winery, distillery, brewing and fermentation tanks.

Stainless Steel Wine Taps and Taps for Olive Oil Containers

Stainless steel taps for wine, cider and other beverage dispensing.

Stainless steel tap for juice and wine container dispensing .

Brass winetap for olive oil and wine container dispensers.

Tapered tap for large wooden barrels for wine dispensing and serving.

Wall Hanging Wine Bottle Corkscrews and Tapered Adapters for Wooden Barrels

Artistic wine bottle cork openers, classic wall hanging cork extractors and pocket sized corkscrew in brass and bronze finish.

Taper threaded adapters in various sizes, materials and designs that do thread into any male 3/8'', 1/2'' and 3/4'' BSP matching spout or valve to facilitate their installation into wooden barrels.

Tapered wooden taps for small wooden barrels and largerwooden spigot taps.

Tapered plastic tap for wooden barrels and plastic male taps for containers.

Durable, food grade ABS plastic taps and matching taper threaded adapters whiche fit into our male threaded BSP taps to facilitate their installation into wooden barrels.

Trade, Wholesale and Private Ordering and Inquiries: Since 2003 we been supplying wine tank taps, wooden barrel spigot taps and dispenser metal spouts in single, wholesale and larger quantities to private individuals, resellers and corporate customers within Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. More information here.

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